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REVIEW: Evil Dead

REVIEW: Evil Dead

Yes- this is a total  nod to the 32 year old  film by the same name.

Five  20somethings hole themselves up in a remote cabin to help one kick her drug addiction. One of them unwittingly sums up long dormant demons who end up possessing the 5, one by one, led  by the druggie. After all, isn’t drug addiction  demonic possession?

This re-make is probably the bloodiest, goregy  (gore orgy)  you’ll see all year. Co-writer/director Fede Alvarez ramps up the blood and gore with each possession,  turning it into a slapstick bloodbath  that had me dissolving in laughter. Does that make me sick???

I usually hate goregys but  this one isn’t at all mean-spirited.  It beckons you to get in on the joke of over-the-top violence.

2-and-a-half stars


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